Pumping Products

ASP Series Single Stage Double Suction Centrifugal Pumps

Features and Benefits

ASP Series pumps for waterworks, irrigation and drainage pumping stations, power plants, industrial water supply series, the shipbuilding industry and oil refining industry in general use.

Structural design

ASP Series pumps for single-stage axial opens double suction centrifugal pumps vortex shell, imports from the pump, the motor can be installed in accordance with the need to pump the left or right side, flange drilling according to GB4216-84 standards required by PNl6 can also be IS0.DIN. BS or ANSI standards.

Operation data

Outlet diameter 50 ~ 250mm
Flow of up to 1200m3 / h
Lift up to 120m
Working pressure up to 24bar
Operating temperature up to 75ºC

Performance curves

Performance Curves will be displayed upon pressing the pump model in the table.

1450 RPM
model no.review
2900 RPM
model no.review